Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beware: A really boring blog!

I apologize for our lack of blogging recently but there has seriously been NOTHING going on! LOL Both Derick and I have been working, working, and working. And that's about it! This past week was parent teacher conferences, which equals a lot of long, tiring days! But I am so glad that they are over for the rest of the year! I also can't believe that the school year is more than half over. Derick has about 2 months left and I have 3. Time really does fly. Speaking of time, this weekend was the anniversary of mine and Derick's first date. Could a year really have gone by? I am happy to have him and am now looking forward to our 1st wedding anniversary (yes I know it is still 5 months away but what else do I have to look forward to?)

Yes we've done nothing too exciting these past few weeks but we have a lot coming up. For Easter we are heading down to Moab with Derick's brothers and some friends. They go every year but this will be the first time for me so I am excited! I'm also planning a baby shower for my friend Kate and then track break! I've been missing my family a lot lately so my sweet husband said I should go home for track break! So needless to say I am super excited for the up coming months! Look forward to more exciting blogs than this one! :)


Meg and Colby said...

I loved seeing you on Friday and CANNOT wait until I can see you everyday!