Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Moon

Well it is exciting to say that New Moon is coming out this week but I have some mixed feelings about it. Out of all the Twilight series books this one was my least favorite. Was it because I am not a big Jacob fan? I like Jacob and his friendship with Bella but I was never the reader who sat there while reading the book and rooted for Jacob and Bella to get together. I know Edward was always the dangerous one and Jacob the lovable one but something about Edward and Bella always drew me to thier relationship more than Bella being with Jacob. I'm also very interested to see how the whole werewolf thing is portrayed on film. I know the first film was a little low budget and at times corny but I'm really thinking (or rather hoping) this one will be done better.

I'm also excited because all the girls in Derick's family (and a few boys believe it or not) are going to be having a Twlight party and then go see the show together. We are going on Thursday which should be way fun. I guess they all did it last year for Twilight but this year we are going to Grandma Myrna's and have dinner, play games, and hang out before going to the rented movie theater where they will also be having prizes and all that fun stuff! I wish my sisters were all closer so that we could all go see it together! But I'll let everyone know how it is! Miss you girls!


The Schofield Family said... so did NOT just diss my Jacob!!!!!! LOL..that takes a lot of guts sista!!!! LOL....the "more experienced" women ALWAYS root for Jacob. Cold, dark, and money only lasts for so long!!!!!!! Besides....have you SEEN his 8 pack?! LOL...You can't get that from a cold cement slab! :)

Shane Fisher said...

Are you freakin' kidding me with this post? You're married now, you don't have to dive into the inner realm of psychodementia anymore. Wake up! Snap out of it! Go bake your man some cookies, rub his feet, and tell him how much he reminds you of a greek god.