Sunday, June 07, 2009

Fun in the Sun

One weekend last month, Derick and I went camping with some of his friends. Yes- I am still waiting for one of his friends to send me all the pictures! Gosh, leave somethings to guys 
and you'd never get anything done! But we had fun camping and hiking. We hiked down a small gorge which was very cool. And then we did a bit of shooting. I do have to say, that I did pretty good for my first time shooting! But I promise to post more about it all when I get those pictures!

So Derick and I didn't really have any plans for the Memorial weekend. We just knew we wanted to relax and play the rest by ear. But Saturday morning came around and no luck. Derick got a call saying he needed to head down to Arizona for work. But, he being the sweetheart that he is, asked me to come along. Our end destination was the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon but we had a few stops to hit along the way. It was a long drive but it was nice to spend some time with Derick, just he and I. We saw lots of deer and even got in a stupid car accident when some kids rear ended us. But luckily it wasn't too bad and no one was hurt....just Derick's trunk! :( Well it ended up pouring for a majority of the trip but was nice and sunny as we pulled up to the Grand Canyon. 
Well it sounds like we've done a lot of stuff out doors this last month. Cause we've also enjoyed hiking and bonfires with Derick's brothers and friends in the American Fork Canyon. But don't you worry, we've also spent a lot of time indoors watching all the basketball games. I don't think i've ever watched so much basketball but it sure has been fun! (I can say that now that it's almost over!)  Since all this fun stuff, not much has been going on. Just hanging out here and there and oh, of course work! Thank goodness I'm down to four more weeks! Then we're off for some more fun! Cali with my fam and Bear Lake with Dericks! So look forward to more posts soon!


Chelsea said...

Yay, I'm glad you finally posted! Sounds like you have been busy and having lots of fun. Glad things are going well. You two are very cute:)

Justin and Lindy said...

Sheryl you have some updating to do! I'll be checkin back for a certain post =)