Thursday, February 05, 2009

Track break stuff!

Well I totally hate posting without pictures but I can't find my camera cord at the moment so you will all have to do without pictures today! Since being on track break not a whole lot of exciting things have happened but here are a few... First I have subbed a few days. Once for a second grade teacher and one for another first grade teacher on my team. Both times were fun but boy it really does make me miss and actually love the class I have. Of course I've got a few stinkers but after these classes I really can't wait for my kids to come back! Next, I went to the open house of the Draper temple. And boy was it gorgeous. It seems that in the new temples they have had a lot more murals and the ones in this temple were beautiful! Of course the celestial room was beautiful but my favorite place was the place where the brides get ready! So amazing! Then I took Donny down town to the train station so that he could go back home for a while. And I've also been to the eye doc for my pre-op visit. After a few eye scans and some tests, it looks like everything is a go for LASIK next week! YEAH! The wierdest thing was that the Doctor had to dilate my eyes. I've never had my eyes dilated before and they looked crazy! And now, abot 26 hours later they haven't changed! So I still have big black eyes! I look weird! See, now you're all wishing I had those pictures! I have to go back to the doc tomorrow to get these little plugs put into my tear ducts so that my eyes will stay more moist for the surgery and then it will be time for it all to happen! Yippee! Don't worry, I'll look for my cable and post some pictures of me in my cute glasses I hear that I'll be getting next week!


Kristi & Chris said...

yes- a picture of those lovely glasses is necessary! I hope those plugs don't hurt. Wish I could be there to watch some girlie movies with you while youre recovering! love Ya!