Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jazz vs. Cavaliers

So a few weeks ago Donny and I were thinking of things that would be fun to do. He mentioned that his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers were going to be playing against the Jazz and it would be fun to go. I dismissed the idea cause he had job interviews the day before and I wasn't sure if he would be free the next day for the game. Once I found out that he was available I looked up tickets and asked if he wanted to go. All I got back was a text that said, "Yeah sure." Now I knew he wanted to go but it sure didn't sound like he was excited! But I found some good seats, not front row but not exactly nose bleed section either! I went and got Donny and we headed down town. Donny has been talking about the restaurant Tucanos for a while so we were going to eat there but of course their was an hour wait. I guess everyone else going to the game had the same ideas. So we settled for Applebees and then headed to the Energy Solutions Center for the game. Donny said that the center and it's fans are known for being loud and boy were they. It was crazy! Well it turned out to be a great game and I found out that Donny was super excited to go. Maybe he was just playing it cool earlier! :) But hey, I had tons of fun too! Thanks for going with me Donny! Oh and yes that is me looking fabulous in my glasses! Yuck! But hey only two more weeks!!!


Kristi & Chris said...

The glasses are cute. Where's the pic with lebron??