Monday, December 24, 2007

Monday night at the movies

Well I found a new movie that could easily rank up there with some of my favorites. The name of this wonderfully hilarious movie is Benny (with two n's) and Joon (with one n). And it was my brother who made me sit down and watch it with him tonight. He claimed it was his girlfriend's favorite and that I should see it. It looked rather odd from the front cover. Upon reading the back however, I noticed the name of one Johnny Depp and thought, hum this might not be too bad to watch after all. There are some touching parts but some quite hilarious moments as well.

Joon has become a rather disturbed young woman since the death of her parents and the only person who seems to reach her is Sam (Johnny Depp). His humor and loving personality towards Joon makes him a very rare person indeed. His "roll" dance (as seen left) was absolutely one of my favorite parts.

It seems that this movie has taught me a lot of important things. Among these important tidbits is a new found way to make grilled cheese. (Just don't forget the iron and the ironing board as well!)

This movie is a definite "must see". Rated six thumbs up by Sheryl, Donny, and Danielle.

(Rated PG for some sexual conduct)


Sarah said...

Yeah for old movies rediscovered. I have heard about this movie but never watched it. I will put it in my netflix line up. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh -I love this movie deeply!!! It has great wisdom, warmth, beauty, joy of life, excellent actors, like Mary Stuart Masterson, and is something really fun to watch and enjoy! And it's on of the best works of Johnny Depp during his whole great career. Johnny's comic is great, he is so charming sad clown finding his talent and a girl who love's him - he makes me laugh again and again, often with tears in my eyes. I'll never forget Johnny as Sam making breakfast dance, loving his girl after a great show in a park, waving his hat high in the air(And for his fans: don't miss this movie! Johnny is in this role perhaps most lovely, most charming, the sexiest himself - truly a dream lover and no wonder why he makes woman crazy...)
One of my favourite movies -makes me smile every time and conforts like a good wise old friend. Being different is having more talent, more charm, more reason for people to fall in love...